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Statewide Homeschool Prom 2014

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Statewide Homeschool Prom 2014
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  • Prom is April 12, 2014 from 6-10:30pm CST at the Dekalb Theatre in Ft Payne, AL. Tickets are $30 each and must be purchased by March 28. If you plan to attend Prom, you will need to fill-out a registration form and purchase your ticket by the deadline. To obtain the registration form and payment information, send me a request by e-mail at

  • Prom Rules and Dress Code:
  •  Ladies: Formal or Semi-Formal dresses. No strapless dresses(Must have at least one strap) No Cleavage showing, no plunging necklines. Slits must be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee. Dresses cannot be shorter than 1 inch above the knee. Backs no lower than mid-back(natural bra line) No cut work(lace, sheer fabric, etc) that reveals midriff or lower back. Gentlemen: Tuxedo?Suits accepted. Sports coat and slacks(Khakis are allowed) No jeans. Tie is optional. Collared or button-up shirt required. Anyone dressed inappropriately will be asked to change or modify their clothes or leave and return after doing so. If you are in doubt about your attire, contact me at and I will give you the number of the person in charge so you can text a picture of yourself in your attire.

  •  Rules: Everyone must sign in at the door. Only registered guests and chaperons will be admitted. Must adhere to dress code. No public Display of Affection allowed. No kissing, extended embracing or sitting on laps. Proper dance behavior is required. There will be no provocative or sexual movements(no dirty dancing) no body against body. Stay within designated area of event. Do Not wander around premises. Once you leave event, you will not be re-admitted. If you must go to your car, a chaperon must accompany you. Failure to abide by these standards will result in ejection from event.